Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 4, Round 3- Three load days

weigh in: 155.o pounds
gain of: 1.2 pounds
total gain: 3.0 pounds

I went ahead and did a third load day. Yesterday morning, I felt as if I could just go on with VLCD, however a couple hours after I wrote my post yesterday I felt increasingly hungry (which is not what I have experienced with my other rounds). I started loading around 3 pm, but I did get in a lunch on protocol: white turkey and apples on a bed of spinach with Pounds and Inches Away Vinaigrette Dressing. I am so glad I bought this with my purchase of HCG, because it is so good!
I am so excited for today and I feel great! I am in this for the long run and I am so glad I took an extra third load day. Here we go!


  1. You're off and going! I'm glad you listened to your body, and went ahead and did a 3rd load day. I think it will help you this week.

    Your lunch sounds delicious!

  2. Good for you! Thanks for the link I think I'll check the dressing out, it looks delish!

    Welcome back to protocol!

  3. Thank you guys for the support and encouragement! I feel "right" today and so that means I made the right decision to do another load day.

  4. just wanted to say that I LOVE your new background! Its adorable!!

  5. Thank you lavenderdiva- you were my inspiration! I loved yours so much I wanted to steal yours, but thought that I better take the time to find another one.:)

  6. oooh. thanks for the review. i was wondering about that stuff! :)