Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 6, Round 3- Return to 140's

weigh in: 148.8 pounds
loss of: 2.6 pounds
total loss: 6.4 pounds in 5 days!!! (I count the load days, because without them I couldn't have lost 6.4 pounds in 2 days of VLCD! :)).

Back into the 140's, oh yeah! Can't believe I let myself move out of the range, but what are you gonna do? :) I am feeling really quite well so far- no headaches!!! *Knock on wood* I think this is due to the vitamins I am taking this time around. That is really the only thing I have changed so far(besides taking 3 load days instead of 2).

Yesterday we all went sledding! Too much fun!!! It was a good little exercise to add to my day and we all had such a wonderful time.

Lunch: orange and apple (we were sledding and it happened to be over the lunch hour- I just drank a ton of water and had these two fruits)
Dinner: chicken tenderloin (I tried this cut of meat last round and LOVED it! It is much more tender and juicy than chicken breast- duh. :) It is white and lean enough that it doesn't seem to affect my weight loss drastically.)

Thanks so much to you all for following my story and encouraging me along the way!

Happy losing!


  1. Good for you! Can't wait to see how this round goes for you!

  2. Great losing!!! Congrats to you! Thanks you for your encouraging words about my blog and my page!

  3. Goodness gracious the weight is falling off of you! How totally exciting!!!!