Friday, November 6, 2009

Who are you?!

I decided I might have a multiple personality disorder. :0 LOL! On the one hand, I am a wholesome, scrapbooking, wearer of pearl earrings and such, and then on the flip side I am definitely not afraid to get down with my bad self. Who is the real me? Nobody knows. haha! Sorry, to all those who know me in real life and didn't realize how vulgar and crazy I can be. :) Sorry, to my readers who one day are lulled into a false sense of security with a nice n' cozy post and then the next I am talking about plastic surgery! For goodness sake! I don't think my flowery background helps.

This is me, and no, not "Sybil." ;)


  1. Lol not sybil!

    You are a sincere and lovely woman. I think it takes courage to be able to express yourself with so much open honesty. It is your talent in expressing life that bring so many people to your page. So I for one will say it's not "who are you?" but "Stay being you!"
    Great post!

  2. I want some HCG, dammit! You look fantastic and girl, you should see MY tummy! LOL Thank Goodness, I also have a boyfriend that loves me for me. Cant wait to read your other posts!

  3. You are a woman with emotions and feelings, who isn't afraid to express herself when the mood strikes. If that's Sybil, then I'm there with you!

    I usually have a thousand projects going at once. Am I good at multitasking or ADD?

    I don't drink. I don't smoke. I can curse to make a sailor blush.

    I got my soccer mom uniform on and underneath have red lacies from Vicki's Secret.

    I like the song "She's Always A Woman" by Billy Joel. It's like he gets it. LOL

  4. You are all those things and probably a bit more. I am the same way actually. I enjoy classical music and also metal. So i think we are all complex but most dont admit it :)

  5. Isn't it awesome how great we all are!!! ;0 I LOVE it! I think a blog about weight loss somehow brings out the confidence to start talking about a whole range interests- I mean come on we start talking about our shrinking butts and thighs (and tummies ;)) and then it moves to BM's and then I think it is all over from there and we just start spilling our guts. haha! Love you guys and damn Autumn Rose you ROCK! I still haven't taken the plunge and burned all my "grandma panties, yet." I will have to get to that and then go shopping for something a little more appropriate for this incredible, hot sexy body- stretch marks and all. LOL! :)

    Embrace the whole woman in you! You are too, sweet Nikki- I love how you reveal both sides of your nature with illustrations and words! And, Miss Mary you are right- you are definitely a complex woman and how boring if we all were not! Thanks you so much for the comment, and Monica- HCG IS SO, SO, SO AWESOME!!!! You should look into it and research it (and talk to your doctor if need be and then- Get yourself some! ;) It gave me hope and then it gave me a new body and mindset about food and myself. I love that instead of just losing weight it changes your body composition in the realm of fat, changes your metabolism, and makes it so darn easy to maintain!!! I love following your blog now and losing weight is an incredible adventure that apparently has brought out the willingness to share many aspects of myself...

    Until next time...