Monday, November 23, 2009

Sorry, once again...

Check this link out for information on all the nonsense that is put into makeup. :( Nothing can just be, it has to be reinforced with all sorts of nasty chemicals, preservatives and cancer causing products:

Okay, anyway onto the pressing subject of an update, finally! Sorry, once again to everyone- if you are getting annoyed with my sporadic posts and floating start dates I don't blame you! I am getting annoyed with myself too. :) :) I am starting on Wednesday (seriously ;)). We are having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at our own home this year (my first year preparing such a dinner all by myself! Yikes! ;)). Since my starting date was pushed so close to Thanksgiving I thought I would just give it a little longer and start on Wednesday. I am going to be doing this third and final round for an undetermined length of time and so I need to feel right when at least starting out. It is important for me to commence round 3 when I feel absolutely ready. There have just been some things which have compromised my confidence like thinking I was pregnant, time of month, trying to lose a couple extra pounds, getting a head cold (woke up this morning feeling kind of stuffed up- hopefully it won't last very long), etc... that has made me continue pushing out the start date.

Maybe I am just making excuses, but one way or another I am not starting this round to merely start this round. I am doing it when I am good and ready. I know I can do this. I have a weight goal for this round. 125 pounds! :) I am not stopping until I reach that goal. Thank you to chipmunck for pointing out the obvious. It is not wise to have a weight and time goal, they almost never coincide. You need to choose: what weight do you want to achieve, or how long do you want to be on HCG and diet?

Until Wednesday! (or sooner if I have anything else of importance to say...)

Thank you to you all for the support as I get geared up for this round!!!


  1. Don't you stress about a starting day, after all it's your body! I think it's actually very smart to begin when you KNOW you're ready. Success often depends on where one is, you know what I mean?

    Good luck and enjoy!

  2. I think its great that you are waiting until you KNOW you are ready to start. Its so vital to be mentally ready. You've been physically ready for some time, and you will know when your head's on board too!

    You're going to have a successful R3-