Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remainder HCG

I am in the process of writing a list of things I need to get prepared before I commence this final round and in the process I came across the topic of remainder HCG. I have a little HCG remaining from my last bottle (approximately 4-6 days???). So, my question to myself was should I finish up my last bottle or just start with the new. My almost immediate response: I am starting with the new! That old bottle is jinxed. haha! I have said before, "I am not a superstitious person typically, but when it comes to dieting- I damn sure am!" haha! I am going with the new fresh start and riding that for all it is worth.

I will post my list soon and it is exciting to not just go into this round half-assed, but rather care about setting up the best possible situation for myself.

Goodnight and happy losing to you all!


  1. I would definitely start with new juice! Not sure how old your remainder is, but it expires after 23-25 days.

    I'm excited for you! I always get this way when starting a new round - it's like unexplored territory!

  2. Yeah, I feel your excitement and it's so contagious! I'm happy for you.

  3. Best to start fresh for a fresh, new you! I'm looking forward to reading your list!

  4. Caitlin- I just have to tell you how awesome you look! You CAN do this third round:) I know it! You have such great determination:) I just talked to a lady in at my church who is doing her first round through the doctor and she is hating the diet, but I was motivating her by telling her what you have accomplished! Anyway, you are an inspiration!!