Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm a'thinkin'...

Today is the 8th of November. I will be done with my 3 week maintenance phase by the 18th of November. I'm a'thinkin' (hence the title) of the following: We are celebrating Thanksgiving/birthday early with family on the weekend of the 14th-15th. So, what if I start my third round on the 16th? Can I start a couple days early?

I know you all are thinking I am nuts!!! But, seriously I am so sick and tired of waiting already! I am ready for this. I went through what I had to last round and now I am just dying to get going again! If I were to start on the 16th (if that is okay- I don't know, I will have to check up on that and get all of your opinions?) I would be done with 23 days by the 8th of December (so with wiggle room before Christmas). Since it is so easy to maintain off of this diet, who cares if I eat a little holiday food here and there after I am done with the 500 calorie diet while on HCG. I can easily correct an increase in weight. My thinking is, if I can do this and start out with a weight of 149 (I seem to be hanging out 1.8 pounds above my ending weight) plus load day weight gain (maybe get up to 152?) it is only 25 pounds to get down to 127 pounds, and only another 2 pounds to get to 125!!! I don't know, perhaps I am being too hasty and impatient??? I do know, that during my second round I lost 12 pounds in the first 9 or so days and then I just screwed everything up from there. So, in my mind losing 20 pounds would not be too much of a stretch, because I AM READY!!! and then the extra 5 pounds I would have to be more patient. If I lost 20 pounds I would be at 132, and I am committed, whether I do proceed with a round before January to not give up until I see 127 (at least!!!). I am not delusional enough to say I might not give up at 127 and not push on to 125.

Who will be doing a round during this time of year? Am I just going to be shooting myself in the foot? I don't know? Anyone out there who can foresee the future? :) Here is a little more additional thinking behind my desire to start another round right now (or in the next week):
  • I don't really want to eat all the foods I technically could during the holidays: sugar cookies, stuffing, pie... etc? I could eat, turkey. I will be done with the 500 calorie diet by Christmas and therefore if I have a slice of pie and have an increase in weight I would just correct that gain.
  • I want to get down to the 120's for all the Christmas festivities.
  • I am not having that much fun maintaining as I did my first round and I think that is due to the fact that I feel like I have unfinished business and I KNOW I CAN DO BETTER!!! I know I have the motivation and excitement to get me through. Also, I am not really craving P3 foods- I am craving P2 foods (I can eat those, but don't want to since I am not on HCG- I don't get it either)!!! I know, nuts again! :)
  • I want to buy clothes, but don't want to yet because I am not to the weight I want to achieve.
  • I am having this nagging want to see what my tummy and breasts will look at when I hit the 120's after all this talk about plastic surgery. :)
  • I have been running and exercising and when I am moving it feels like, yes my muscles are getting stronger, but because of the wonderful affects of HCG on melting pure fat from your body it could really improve my exercise further not having an additional 25 pounds of fat on my body. Does that make sense?
  • I just want to...
I am thinking I might buy 2 bottles this time just so I don't have the "running out of HCG" angst. I will do this for whenever I do decide to finally do my third round.

Okay, all my fellow HCG'ers weigh in on the subject and give me your honest opinion. :) I respect you all and take all of your suggestions very seriously. So, go ahead and tell me flat out how insane or sane you think I may be. :) :)

One final thought: You know when you are at a point of having to do something and deep down you really know whether you want to or not? Well, during my first 3 weeks of maintenance after my first round (and when I was enjoying P3), when I look back on my deep rooted feelings... I really didn't want to begin my second round right then and there and after only 3 weeks. (Kind of like some kids who force themselves to go to college right after high school when they really should and want to go out into the real world for a bit. :)) I merely did it, because. Just because I could. That's it. Now, I feel like I am waiting for my race at a track meet and it happens to be the last event of the day and I am just so anxious I am driving myself and everyone around me crazy with all the excited energy, because I just know I am ready and I am going to run the best damn race I can. (Sorry, I was big into track too, along with being a basketball nut.)

I am glad to have been brave enough to start a weight loss blog, because it helps me get it all down on paper and see all the different angles more clearly. Thanks in advance to you all! I love you guys!!! :)


  1. I think you should just do it. You're experiencing exactly what I was feeling before I started this round. I was just SO ready to get with it and get this weight off of me! You're motivated and anxious to get going. Especially since you're doing your Thanksgiving early, and won't have the distraction of that. my 2cents.

  2. Okay, so wait, this is Round 3...

    I think Dr. S. advises against this, as you need to increase the time between each subsequent round... Lemme quick go look at P&I...

    "Further Courses
    Patients requiring the loss of more than 34 lbs. must have a second or even more courses. A second course can be
    started after an interval of not less than six weeks, though the pause can be more than six weeks. When a third, fourth
    or even fifth course is necessary, the interval between courses should be made progressively longer. Between a
    second and third course eight weeks should elapse, between a third and fourth course twelve weeks, between a fourth
    and fifth course twenty weeks and between a fifth and sixth course six months. In this way it is possible to bring
    about a weight reduction of 100 lbs. and more if required without the least hardship to the patient.
    In general, men do slightly better than women and often reach a somewhat higher average daily loss. Very advanced
    cases do a little better than early ones, but it is a remarkable fact that this difference is only just statistically

  3. Thank you to you both! I know I read that, too, but that is for injectable form, right? Because I only waited 3 wks between R1 and R2, so perhaps I need to wait a little longer for R3??? I don't know? I am so confused about the injectable and sublingual form? I think that was my problem last round (part of it at least) I had my mind set that I had to wait 6 wks and then people on the support groups taking sublingual form were only waiting 3 wks??? So, I jumped in with only 2 days until 3wks were up to switch gears back to thinking about VLCD. I don't know!

  4. There's people who cycle from P2 to P3 to P2, basically 21 days of juice, two VLCD no juice, 7 -10 days of P3 and back to 21 days of P2. It's done until they lose their weight. I'm doings from R2 to R3. I was so ready to get back to P2 and finish this up.

    The first few weeks of P2 are the easiest to lose and if your lucky you might be able to take it off. I'm so close to goal, maybe at goal and the weight isn't coming off quickly but the scale is moving.

  5. I think it had something to do with immunity. Apperently sublinqual doesn't have the immunity issues as injection does. But I'm on my 88th day, and my doctor is just having me ride the wave. I go on a week break on Dec 5th. My doctor is going to have me load before I start again. It confuses me, but she has been right about my health for the last 10 years. I LOVE that woman. She helped me get a breast reduction when other MALE doctors said my boobs looked fine. She helped me have a succesful pregnancy w/o drugs during the pregnancy ( I would have insulin w/ other doctors, but meal readjustment helped me stay away from shots) so she can't be totally wrong in what she is doing, or put my in danger. So take that what it is worth.

    I don't know exactly what to do, but w/ that motivation and seeing other people not follow the protocol as strictly and seem to still have success. I don't see the big harm? I really think it's only a immunity issue, and not a health issue.

  6. Hi! I have no advice, Im still trying to figure out exactly what HCG is LOL But I think you look swell, so I wouldnt take anymore :)

  7. Thanks, Autumn Rose, chipmunck and Monica for the additional comments! There are a couple things I need to get ironed out, but I am thinking this time next week I will be preparing to start my next round! I just have way too much excitement and support behind me right now and since it appears you don't have to worry with sublingual HCG that is one less thing on the side of not to. I will keep everyone updated! I just can't wait! I can't wait to do this round right!!! LOVE HCG!!!

    And, I do think I look great at 149 (oh crap you guys I just realized I am up 4 lbs from final weight!!!) I don't know where I was getting an ending weight of 147 instead of 145.6??? Well, anyway I will fix it and nothing I can't handle.:) On P3 I always have these feelings like I am sure it is a dream and overnight I will have ballooned back up to 180.- so at least it isn't a dream. haha!) Anyway, yes I do look great, but for my height (5' 3") I really need to get down further for a healthier BMI. And besides I still have rolls on my tummy and chunkier thighs etc that the pictures doesn't exactly reveal... Oh, boy- I am so excited....