Thursday, October 15, 2009

Profile picture and red hair

This post is to address a comment made on a previous post suggesting I change my profile picture. I completely agree, and I made the change! My original profile picture was taken about a year ago. My husband took it of us girls while we were setting up to take a family Christmas picture (see below). I always liked it because I was in all black, my kids were hiding me and therefore no one could really ascertain my weight (I was 180.), and I was smiling regardless of having braces on my teeth (which are gone now and my smile looks great, but that is a subject of another post).

Aren't my little girls so adorable! My little baby has changed so much though, well both of them for that fact. They grow up so quickly.

On the subject of my hair. I did put a semi-permanent color in my hair to brighten and add more color. I am a natural redhead, however, a strawberry-blond to be more accurate. Both of my little girls have red hair, too. How did my husband get so lucky? ;) Poor guy, I am surprised he hasn't headed for the hills yet. Watch the following youtube video to get what I mean if you don't already know about people with red hair. ;) I think it is pretty hilarious!


  1. LOL! Love it. Thanks! BTW, so nice to see your picture change! THERE you are!

  2. I've started following your blog about 2 days ago and I really wish I had done so earlier while I was doing P2!

    Your pages are inspirational. Thanks!

  3. Love the new pic! I agree - you have come a long way from hiding behind the kiddos (what a lot of mom's - myself included - seem to do). Now you just need to take a new family photo!