Tuesday, October 13, 2009


weigh in: 149.2 pounds
gain of: 1.6 pounds

I am shocked! I weighed myself 5 times this morning. I got four readings of 149.2 pounds and one reading of 150.4 pounds, which resulted because I did not put my feet squarely on the foot pads. Anyway, I was sure I was going to see 155. something or even more! So, I am shocked in a good way and after you read the list of all the food I have been eating you will see why. The past 4 days I have consumed: lasagna, candy corn, crackers, stew, cheese, walnuts, trail mix bars, chocolate kisses, potato soup, caramels, grapes, apples, bananas, garlic/herb chicken with the skin, chex mix, etc, etc... I have also drank a ton of water and tea. Additionally, I would go a good part of the day eating just a few apples and drinking water, and then I couldn't take it anymore and I would break down and just eat what was available. This sounds just horrible! I really am embarrassed. :( Sorry guys, I told you it was bad. :)

What is done is done, I can't look back and I should just be happy I didn't gain an extreme amount of weight back. Today I am prepared to eat properly again and see how much I can lose before my HCG runs out!

Good day of losing to everyone! Until tomorrow!


  1. We all fall off the wagon from time-to-time, but can I just say ...

    mmmm ... lasagna! :)

  2. LOL! I know it was totally worth it! ;)

  3. Don't do the apple day if it just sets you up for failure.

    I know what your going through. On most diets (especially if I am not really accountable to anyone) if I set myself up to try too hard, but then get so freaking hungry I grab whatever just to eat to sooth the hunger.

    I would honestly try to set up a plan that works. You look so fabulous I don't want you to step back too far on this journey of yours!

    I would find out what your 'weakness' is and lets say you need a little sweat, find the best sweet on this diet you can eat so you can comfort yourself.

    I just found out that I can put a little non-sugar cocoa powder on my apples before I bake them. (I tried it on 1 slice) oh my. I get my apple serving, but then treat myself to a little heaven.
    I say 'set up' the cheat so we don't feel deprived and then cheat w/ whatever is sitting there.

    How is your support group at home? I mean, can you ask the husband to 'clean up' a bit of the kids meals? or have him help you when it comes to give them stuff that is YOUR weakness?

    I so know you can do this, you have come physically to such a great place, you might want to concider talking to a councilor or someone to start letting your mental self be thin and happy! Those bullies from yesterday are not there anymore but in your head. We need to purge that garbage out of your head to really move forward.

    Unfortunately for me I purged the garbage out before I got thin and I sat around getting frustrated that all the fat on my body was self abuse and I still saw it. :P

    But serious- find something you enjoy to eat and mildly 'cheat' on it so you don't go over board. ya you won't lose great losses but at least you will subdue the deprivation beast so he doesn't sabotage you more!

    (email me if you want to talk more about this.)

  4. Thank you so much for the comment! I would love to talk more with you, unfortunately whenever I hit the "email" on someone's profile my computer freaks... I don't know what is wrong? So, if you could email me your email address that would be great! Thanks a lot and you are right I need to set up parameters that do not deprive or defeat myself. :) Thanks! Talk to you soon...

  5. You sound like most of us, good for a better part of the day and when evening comes it falls apart. I am still struggling with it and waiting for the day it gets easier. You aren't alone!

  6. Glad you made it back from your trip farily unscathed. Best of luck to stay motivated. How much linger do you think your HCG will last?