Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Loss of insulation

Let me just say, winter in Wyoming. I am freezing my behind off! This is due in part to the loss of insulation I have grown accustomed to over the past six or so years. All of that fat did serve a purpose, I suppose. :) haha!

Hope everyone is doing well, today! And, those of you in a cooler climate- stay warm my skinny comrades. :) :) I did have a loss today! 1.2 pounds to be exact! So, I am getting there and it feels good to be back on the trolley!... patience... patience... :)


  1. :) there ya go sexy momma. I agree about the insulation. I only lost 12 pounds so far and I never get cold and this week I feel the chill and its only low 49 here. :P Rather have to put on my clothes than keep the fat :)

  2. I miss the padding on my backside. I now notice how uncomfortable my wooden kitchen chairs are to sit on. LOL Congrats on your loss!

  3. Wyoming? Brr! ... (but beautiful!) Drove thru a ground blizzard there on the move to Seattle. It was other-worldly, especially for a Southern gal like me!

    Congrats on the loss!