Friday, August 21, 2009

Steak Day & A Beautiful Dress!

This morning I was up 2.8 pounds, so I am taking a steak day. It is mid-afternoon and I have not felt hungry. I am looking forward to a big steak tonight! :) It really is simple enough: if you gain more than 2 pounds do a steak day!

But more interestingly I had a wonderful experience this morning. My mother-in-law, whom I get along famously with and who I love dearly and the girls and I went downtown to do a little shopping. We went into a bridal shop (Mountain Valley Bridal), because I saw a beautiful jade green dress in the window a couple days earlier. Well, Mom convinced me to try it on. The size was a 12, but the very helpful and pleasant woman who helped me said they run small. Thank you for your help and it was really nice talking with you! I was terribly worried, but I went in, tried it on and fell in love with the dress! I looked quite good, if I say so myself! Something like this would have never happened before. I would never have even considered trying on a strapless dress like that, and if I did I would be whining and would have ended up coming out of the store feeling completely awful. I wanted to buy the dress right there and then! My husband and I may have a five year vow renewal next year since we didn't have a "real" wedding. I don't want to wear white or ivory and this green would be just stunning with all the red hair that will be present (both my girls and me ;)). What a fun time! Does anyone else have a story like this? For me this is such a big benefit of shedding some extra pounds: to really enjoy shopping for yourself!

Here is the link to a picture of the dress: Jasmine Bridal.


  1. Beautiful dress! It's so inspirational when you finally CAN fit into those sizes, and you didn't even know it.

  2. Thank you, Anne for the comment. Thank you also for following my blog! Talk to you again...