Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 12- Fluctuation in Weight Loss?

I think I am experiencing a fluctuation in weight loss. No loss or gain today, holding steady at 164.8 pounds. I am going to just drink a lot of water today and take out the breadstick. See Dr. Simeons' manuscript and post for Day 10. Since yesterday I have been experiencing a slight dip in energy. I am considering a B-vitamin supplement. I will update later.

I still love this diet and have no real concerns as I know it will break. Until tomorrow!


  1. I went to my dr. today (reporting 15lbs in 20 days VLCD) and she suggested I ADD more protien, perahps with a protein shake (200 calories) in the AM. She said sometimes stalls come when we UNDER eat and our body hangs on to pounds due to starvation. I will try it in the AM and let you know the results.

  2. Thanks for the information I am actually experiencing just that. :( I have felt really poorly the past couple of days and increased my calories a bit to try and help. Feeling a little better.