Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 23- A realization...

This morning as I read the reading on the scale of 159.2 pounds- a realization hit me. I have not been in the 150's since I had my first daughter, Amelia, 4 YEARS AGO! I was 156 pounds when I became pregnant with her and have never returned to my pre-baby weight. AMAZING!!! I am here now! Although, this is still quite heavy for my frame, and I wasn't happy with this weight 4 years ago, at least I am headed in the right direction!!!! :) What a wonderful feeling!

I also have had another interesting observation based on my weight loss experience thus far. As one loses weight, rather than gradually gain over the years there is a greater appreciation for what you look like at that moment. A certain confidence. I remember growing up always feeling insecure and thinking that I will never be one of the "skinny girls." I never valued my body as it was or viewed myself as nice looking even when I was 135 pounds. I suppose it takes going in the opposite direction to realize that you have to embrace and appreciate what you are at any given time in your life. I see myself, better now, if that makes sense. My actual reflection and my own personal perceptions of my body are more in balance.

I am going to remain on HCG for a couple more days and then call it good for this round. I will resume in 6 weeks and go for another 20 pounds! I am interested to see how much I will lose with just a little exercise and eating more conscientiously during my break period!!!??? :)

I hope this blog has given anyone with the slightest interest in HCG the confidence and encouragement to give it a try and you never know, you just might be pleasantly surprised! :)

Happy losing!

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