Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 11- It is all kind of blurry...

The past couple of days that is, well I guess the whole 11 days for that matter. I can't believe how fast the time and the fat is all flying away from me. :)

Here is the most recent update. I have hit the 15 pound mark!!!! As of today I have lost 15.4 pounds!

weigh in: 164.2 pounds
loss of: 1.8 pounds

I feel so amazing! I just can't say it enough. I can put on my clothes that were quite tight and uncomfortable and feel like I am looking pretty good. Since everyone has been up I have had to tell everyone about my diet and I have received different responses! Mom, thought initially I was crazy and that I was going to die or something, but now that she has been a witness to my rapidly shrinking body for a couple days and my jovial, energetic attitude I think she is coming around. Besides what I do eat is extremely healthy and it shows. It is pretty hard to explain to people the sound theory behind this weight loss plan and the results are kind of hard to believe too! I will continue to share HCG with anyone and everyone who will listen though. Just wonderful!!!

Anyway, I have got to run and hope all my HCG comrades are doing well too!!! :)

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