Monday, August 17, 2009

Some minor details...

It has been brought to my attention that I have left out many details of this weight loss process that might be of help to many of you! Thanks, Monique! So, I will outline a day in the life of a HCG user... Here it goes!

(Just a little side note before we begin...I bought my HCG through DIYHCG, and other companies suggest taking it 6 times a day, which would be really hard for me, and I have experienced the same results doing only 3 times a day. Also, this is merely from my experience and I would strongly suggest either paying for consultation (if you have the money) or stay connected with all the different groups and people out there who can share their knowledge and experience!)

  1. Wake up
  2. Go to bathroom or where ever you keep your scale and weigh yourself naked after you empty your bladder. (If I have a BM in the morning I weigh again after and record that weight.)
  3. Write it down!
  4. I usually tried to write how I was feeling and what I ate throughout the day. This helps to see where you could improve (ie. if you ate something you should not have- write it down. It will help you correct yourself).
  5. Take HCG drops after weigh in. I just took about 1/4 of a dropper full (I can take a picture for those of you who don't really understand what I am talking about- I just felt it worked better and I definitely was not hungry at all. And, 2 ounces lasted 23 days with some extra- probably could have gone to 30 days, but I didn't go that long). Don't eat anything for breakfast just liquid: water, coffee, tea or mineral water.
  6. At 11:30 I would take another dose of HCG, and then eat at 12:15. I started being able to hold the drops in my mouth for 15 minutes and then eat 30 minutes after my 15 minutes was up. I did the dishes or other work that needed to be done to make the time go by faster.
  7. Stay away from the kitchen during the day as much as possible in between meals (not very easy with two little kids, but at least you aren't truly hungry, just habit hungry). I never gave in, but I definitely have a habit of wandering around the kitchen trying to find something to eat. :(
  8. At 6:00 I would take another dose of HCG and then eat around 6:45.
  9. Stay away from the kitchen again after the kids go to sleep! :)
  10. And, drink lots of water, coffee, tea or mineral water all through the day- it definitely helps and makes you feel great!
  11. Try not to get too excited, I mean enjoy your journey, but realize not every day will show a loss of 3 pounds and it is okay! An average of a pound a day is pretty impressive!!!
  12. Oh, and don't exercise! :) :) Just do what your body tells you feels right.
And, other than that enjoy losing weight and enjoy feeling great!

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