Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It is not a dream...

A couple nights ago I started a yoga regimen. I used to do yoga many years ago when I was in high school. I remember feeling amazing and loving it. I tried and tried to "stretch it out" when I was 24 pounds heavier and still ended up not feeling so great. It wasn't that I lost my flexibility, but rather I had too much fat which prevented me from getting into many of the positions! I didn't realize it before, but fat holds stress, if that makes sense. I don't hurt when I stretch, and if there are a few aches and pains they dissipate more easily. What an amazing feeling to be able to do the things that will keep me in shape and not have to struggle and fight against myself!!! I can run now, too, but greatest of all I have the energy to keep up with my little girls! Just love it! HCG is amazing in that regard. It allows you to lose weight quickly so you bypass the extreme frustration that can come with many other weight loss plans. It allows you to take control and get to a point where you can do physical activities you once thought arduous or just plain impossible!

I have gained a greater respect for my body. I remember now what it was like to run and be active! It is funny. Sometimes I still wake up and look into the mirror thinking it is all a dream and I will look and feel the way I did before. But it is not a dream! This is the new me. A new me I can maintain! It has been a couple weeks and I am holding steady around 155.6 pounds! I can't wait for my second round and residing in the 130 pound range!!! Yipee!


  1. That is wonderful. Keep up the good work.

  2. well said. Sounds like you are working on the mental as much as the physical.