Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update and business website

weigh in:  166.2 pounds
 0.8 above lowest weight

Pretty darn good!  I have been so pleased with maintenance this round.  It just goes to show with a little extra research and effort success is sure to follow!  

Other than that I have just been busy on our business website and would like to solicit your thoughts once again:  Are you a raVing fan yet?

I just wrote a post about the persistent beetle kill in our neck of the woods:
Are you a raVing fan yet?: The loss of a tree: "I had been in denial.  Last summer and fall I watched with anxiousness as our beloved evergreen started showing signs of beetle infestation..."

So, I know it is a lot to ask, but please, please help me out here and let me know your honest opinion and/or comment/follow.  I would desire nothing less than complete honesty!  I really need help on this and like I said I am feeling a little nervous about it and would love to have your support and constructive criticism!  I promise I won't dwell on this subject for long on this blog. :)  Thank you so much!   


  1. I think the blog is awesome, your writing on whatever the subject may be is always awesome! You shouldnt feel nervous at all! In case you havent seen it, the facebook widget on your sidebar is really blurry though :)

  2. It's GREAT! The only thing I had a hard time with was that the mission statement was blurry - not the statement, but the text. I LOVE the statement. And what do you know? We're not only both Realtors, we're both CRSs as well! *HUG*

  3. It looks good to me except the facebook badge. If you have a tip on how to get my words bigger on my top page under my title name please tell me.