Friday, March 4, 2011


Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my rant!  Seattle Runner Girl- I don't comment near as much as I should, but your blog is wonderful and just want to thank you again!  Thanks to all the rest of you lovely ladies, too!  The "proof is in the pudding" for us all! :)  I am, also glad I didn't offend anyone that I know of either (well, I guess I did someone- had a follower jump ship after that post.  I guess that has happened before when I voice my opinion about other contentious subjects... birth, circumcision etc. 

I think it is a funny thing.  I read many posts (weight related and not weight related) that I don't necessarily agree with or even some that make my blood boil on occasion.  But my reaction is not to run over and hit the "un-follow" button (sure I "un-follow" some blogs if they become terribly boring, don't post anymore, or of course are removed).  Isn't that part of the reason we read and write blogs?  To challenge ourselves, our beliefs, our ideas about the world?  To put a real life human experience out there for our other fellow human beings to read, support and discuss?  I love those posts that get me to thinking or those which elicit great emotion.  I either, comment respectfully or just shut up and let it simmer.  Sometimes a post may change my mind about something or it may further reinforce my belief about a topic.

Blogs are an interesting medium.  You have to judge if the author is someone you respect (whether they believe what you believe or not on a multitude of subjects), someone who isn't just there to run at the mouth, and if that someone has something to say that may be informational, inspirational, amusing or whatever else you may be seeking at the time.  Blog reading is to a certain extent real time.  You go to a blog to read about emotion a lot of the time (at least I do).  A person writes with some sort of emotion and then clicks the publish button and BAM there it is for anybody and everybody to read.  It is not edited, reviewed, hashed about for resale and then ultimately deemed acceptable for audiences and put on shelves.  It is just there.  Sitting and waiting for a passerby who you hope may sit down and read your ramblings for awhile.  

What is my point?  I don't know.  Perhaps I am just filling up the airwaves. :)  (writing to hear myself talk... sorry- I admit sometimes I write one of those posts).  But that is the beauty.  Who cares what it is, you can write it and people can read it if they so choose.

Anyway, that is that and now I would just like to make an update on the scale.  So yesterday I was back up to 168.0?  Not sure why, and then this morning I found out why... hormonal.  Yesterday, I just thought I ate way too much (not really bad food at all, just a lot of nuts, cheese, Atkins bars- those are so good and yet I ate 3... okay fine I really ate 4 yesterday. :)  Yikes! etc...) and that was the reason I just wanted to crawl up in the fetal position.  Well, it was hormonal (hence the reason I felt the reason to down 4 of those bars) and yet I am down to 167.0 this morning.  Glad I stayed away from dairy and carbs, though or it could have been the other way.  Still 1.6 above lowest weight, but I was shocked.  I thought for sure I would be back up to 190 this morning. lol!  

I can't believe just this past January I was 190 pounds!  Yes, I still have a long way to go, but wow that is awesome!!! :)  In less than 2 months (the rest of this month for maintenance and then another 23 + days I will be back to, near or below my lowest weight achieved last time!!!  Can't wait to look like the after picture in the sidebar again! :)  

I am thinking I will have to do another 2 rounds to get to 130 pounds, and then I will just maintain all the rest of this year and then perhaps next spring I will go for 120 or who knows 115!!!  I can't even remember the last time I was 130, let alone 115?!  We'll see!

Too exciting, that is all I know!  :)
Happy HCGing and happy whatever else it is that you do to lose that weight!             

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  1. I had someone ask me what my "Goal Weight" was... And all I could tell them was "I'll know it when I hit it". ;) I can't remember the last time I was under 130 either.. Maybe HS?! But definitely not anytime after my teens!! My current goal is 149.5 (was 150 but that .5 lets me hit my 35% weightloss goal!), but, like you, Who knows where I'll end up!

    Keep up the good work!! You are doing great!