Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Riddle Song

My daughter has been singing this song she learned from her Music Together program at school and I have just fallen in love with it.  Here is a little background on The Riddle Song.  The youtube version I found is a little too slow for my taste, but it is such an interesting song in my opinion, and kids love it!

I have learned the old folk song and now sing it incessantly to the baby and of course the girls.  When I get on a kick I sure get on a kick. :)  

Anyway, I am doing pretty well- well now I am.  I about had a heart attack yesterday morning.  The reading on the scale was 169.8 (the highest weight I have had so far during P3)!!!  I didn't do a correction day and ended up gaining 2.4 more pounds in one day to land me at that number.  Yikes!  Well, this morning I am back down to 167.4 lbs (2 pounds exactly above lowest weight) from a steak day yesterday and I am planning my first ever chicken day today.  I will post the results tomorrow.  I really need to get this whole stabilizing thing together! :)

Until tomorrow!

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