Saturday, March 26, 2011

Practice some patience

All week long my weight stayed so stable even while adding a cookie on occasion, half a flatbread to a sandwich and some delicious chocolate.  I stayed within a pound range of 165.8 and 166.8 pounds.  However, this morning I weighed in at 168.0 pounds.  And then it dawned on me... that good ol' time of month.  So I am not too worried about it and am going to try and not stress about the gain.  And so begins my 5th week of maintenance.  How time flies! 

I have now altered my plan and I am going to practice some patience in this area of my life.  I am going to start my 2nd round next Saturday.

I would also like to write about a little observation.  I have noticed that wonderful effect from HCG during maintenance.  For instance, one night we ordered pizza for our visitors and ourselves (not in the mood to cook) and I ate the toppings of 2 slices and felt full and quit eating.  Typically, I would eat 2-3 whole pieces and still feel hungry.  I love that feeling and trigger:  "I am full.  I don't need or want to eat anymore."  So nice!  I did not gain from that dinner and even lost a bit.

Anyway, hope all are well and I am off to catch up on your blogs.  Thank you so very much again for the input and readership on our new business blog!  Oh, and thank you to the new followers of this blog!  I love it!       


  1. Great news! Congratulations on the stabilizing! I will be starting P2 again this week also - we are on the same track - here's to losing more!

  2. Very good with food control! I'm coming into the homestretch of my short round. I'm debating if I should continue or call it quits. I am a few pounds shy of my maintaining weight.

  3. I love how our tastes can change like that. I was bored and got out some potato chips last week, a kind I normally love and could inhale a bag full, and I just didn't want them. Took one bite of a chip and put the rest back. What a success. Now, sugar on the other hand...maybe the next round will help with that. lol I am starting the first week of April too. Woohoo for more losses!

  4. Fantastic!! Sounds like this round was a success! Cant wait to see what happens for your next!