Thursday, March 17, 2011

A simple thank you would be nice...

weigh in:  You guessed it!  167.4 pounds :)

This is so nice, because what I have not posted is that I have had M&M's, a little ice cream last night, half of a pancake a day ago, apple juice and some yogurt (at the beginning of P3 dairy was giving me trouble).  I am so pleased with maintenance this time around.  I can do this!  Thinking about starting round 2 next week.  We will see...

Anyway, I would like to discuss the art of thankfulness.  So, I have posted my success on Facebook for all my "good" friends to see and without fail a couple girls will ask me to give them further information.  I gladly do this, because I get really excited about sharing HCG and like to be the one to introduce it as- "Even though it worked for me, be aware that it may not work for you.  It is not easy!  You really should get a doctor's okay (how many people really heed that advice- I mean I didn't).  It is not an easy fix, regardless of looking that way.  Read Dr. Simeons' Manuscript and then I will help you from there."  Sometimes I even give the person a link to my blog, which takes a lot of guts sometimes because I am pretty transparent here- and most people don't even have the decency of saying anything.  I have quit doing this, because I have found it is far too generous and not appreciated anyway.   

That is how I started out and therefore believe it is wise to not just jump headlong into something that you could very easily screw up.  Anyway, some read it and research and go for it and these people have immense success... others don't read it and do one of two things:  do it anyway (very, very bad!), or dismiss it and go on with their lives (perfectly acceptable).  Some are successful, some find it not to their liking and others fail miserably and wonder why?!  Really pisses me off, if you couldn't tell. :)  These people are usually just looking for something that will take the fat off fast (a vain venture).  These people do not think about the fact of however you choose to lose weight it requires a lifelong commitment and lifestyle change.   

Okay, what happens after I give the information is not really my point.  My point is, "thank you" seems to be out of fashion.  I mean whatever a person does with the information is their business, but a simple "thank you" for your time and all the links and experience pointers seems to evade people.  What is up with that?!  That is why I quote "good" friends, because I am sorry over half the people listed as your "friends" on Facebook are really not your friend.  Stupid Facebook!  Okay, I really don't mean that, but you get my point.

Just yesterday I asked Jack Sh*t about tabs at the top of a blog and am very grateful for his time and effort on helping an aliterate person such as myself. :)  Thank you again!  So, start looking for a blog face lift in the near future! :)  Here is the link he gave me just in case anyone else is interested:  Blogger Buzz

I am gradually learning- it is only taking a couple years. lol! 

Anyway, just a little annoyed with people who don't feel the need to thank a person.  I am not asking for a handwritten, fancy thank you note... just a reply of thanks, I got the information and appreciate your time.  

I am sure I will continue to respond to "these" people, because I just can't be rude myself.  Just want those of you who have cared enough to say a little thank you- that I am thankful to hear these two little words and so happy HCG has been able to help some of you!

Take care!   


  1. Sadly I think a simple "thank you" or "please" is becoming a lost art :(
    I was at a country club in Texas a number of months back and as we were leaving the head waiter stopped me on the way out to compliment me on my 6 year old sons manners. I didnt know what he was talking about and asked what he meant. He said "when he placed his order he said please, when we brought his food he said thank you and he sat here the whole meal without screaming the place down or running around tables. It was a pleasure to serve you all." I think that is a sad testament to most of society that this should be considered extra special. I agree with you. Simple thank yous are being forgotten. So from me, "thank you" for all your encouragement on this hcg journey! I will be sure and 'pay it forward'. Have a great St Patricks!

  2. Caitlin - I am grateful! Those first few emails we exchanged really got my mentally ready for the HCG diet - I lost 23 lbs on a 35 day round and am maintaining wonderfully! You gave me support when others were judgmental! It means a lot! _ Shannon_

  3. Thanks to you both for the comments. Way to go, Karyn raising your children in such a way! You are awesome and to be commended, because you are right manners are far too often a rarity!

    And thanks to you for your support and encouragement!