Friday, January 7, 2011

Weigh in, of a different kind

Paine turned 8 weeks as of yesterday and today we went down to see my midwife for our final visit. :(  So sad, I am going to miss her so much.  We will be in touch from time to time I am sure.  Paine weighed in at 11 lbs 11 oz.  He sure likes this whole 11.11 gig... :)  I thought of you, Clarity when she told me the weight: "eleven, eleven." :) :)

Anyway, sure enjoying the little guy and he is just so darn sweet, I can't get over him... a few days ago he started giggling.  Love it!  

I am preparing to start up HCG again soon:  making orders, brushing up on protocol guidelines and mentally preparing.  I am getting serious! :)  So, my friends I will be joining you all on protocol and maintenance again soon.  

Happy HCGing!  
Until later...


  1. LOL... funny! Glad he is doing well, and that you are too!!

  2. It's different feeling after regaining self esteem from losing weight and then being terrified of gaining it back. I hear people say all the time that weight is not a big deal, don't put so much into it and it makes me want to scream back that they have never been overweight and then seen the difference you feel and the way people treat you so differently! Take comfort in knowing that HCG has worked for you before and that you are a very strong and determined woman - you've got this!

  3. Thanks, Ashley! I needed that! I keep stalling I guess I have a fear of failure, but remembering how I felt light and healthy keep me motivated and excited! ...and naturally skinny people who have never had to diet in their life piss me off. :) No, I am just kidding... I am just jealous. :) Talk to you later...