Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 2- some things are better left unposted...

weigh in:  190.2 lbs
gain of:  2.6 lbs

Oh my word- seriously you guys I am kind of freakin' out about this whole number on the scale (10 pounds extra then last time I started).  Even if I lose 40 lbs in 46 days I will still only be around 150!  I keep trying to convince myself this time I will have even more impressive before and after pictures to show for all the work I will have put in...  And then I took my before pictures this morning and almost passed out.  I definitely will wait to post them for fear of giving you all nightmares. :)  haha! (Baby weight looks completely different then just extra weight... I am pretty flabby all around)  So, that is why I think some things are better left unposted until a later date- it will be easier to post these before shots with the after photos.  This may seem completely vain and ridiculous to some, and you are probably right.  I wish I was a better woman in this regard.  

So, as of now I am going to look at the number on the scale as merely progress and nothing more.  You have to start somewhere and you can't be afraid of that place, because it will be a distant memory soon enough.
Tomorrow the real work begins! 


  1. Oh I am totally with you! No way am I posting the yucky pics until I have some pretty pics to post alongside. Vain? Sure, and Im good with that! lol. Good luck!

  2. You can do it! I was 223 lbs after the birth of my last child. He was an October baby. I started seriously dieting the following January. I was 132 lbs by July. I lost all the weight on my own. It was before HCG. Imagine what you can accomplish following protocol! I wish you lots of success and I'll be cheering you on!

  3. This is our first round...and I am not posting pictures until we good afters. Hubs thought we should put them up right away...NO WAY! Give me a few more weeks (half way through round 1) and then maybe I will post pics. :)