Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Need some help with a question...

I am contemplating getting a little more long term birth control option called: Implanon

It is inserted in the fatty tissue of the arm and has hormones similar to Mirena IUD.  I know birth control does not seem to affect HCG diet results, however I just wanted to ask the opinions of my fellow HCGer's about it since it is implanted (and costs a considerable amount upfront).  I would hate to get it and then have trouble losing.  Anyone out there with either experience or expertise who can help me on this issue?  

Thank you! :)  Getting closer and closer to starting up a round of HCG...  

update:  I just ordered my HCG from http://www.hcgcompletediet.com/   Decided I would try out a website with more competitively priced HCG.  I bought 2- 4oz. bottles of HCG for $90.  Pretty good deal, and I am going to be using all of it, I am sure!  


  1. I've no advice on the BC. I just wanted to thank you for your extremely kind words on my blog. I'm understating my anxiety about this right now and having you in my corner gives me so much strength and support. Love you.

  2. You are a remarkable woman and I am so glad to "know" you. :):) Love ya!