Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 3

weigh in: 180.2 pounds!

YIKES! A little scary, but I trust this diet. So we will see what happens.

I did get a digital scale that takes the weight out to the tenth so I can see a little better exactly how much weight I am either losing or gaining. :( Hopefully, not too much more gaining. :) I have felt really lousy much of the day though. I had a headache and feeling slightly hungry. Can't really explain it, but perhaps my body is just starting to adjust? Not feeling hungry this afternoon- kind of full actually. I think it is more just training your brain that you don't need to eat like you usually do at this time, and hopefully I will develop some really good habits over the next 40 days.

Took first dose of HCG at 7:35. (oh, it is sublingual- goes under the tongue for 2 minutes or as long as possible to attain high absorption.)
Ate an apple at 8:15 am.

Took second dose at 1:00 pm.
This is what I ate for lunch. I grilled 100 grams of chicken breast and ate three cucumber slices.
Will more than likely have the same for dinner. Need to get some breadsticks (grissino) and Melba toast. You can have up 2 breadsticks and apples a day.


  1. Can you eat less than 500 calories per day? I know you can't go above. Yes, if you don't feel like you need all of the 500 calories, which is very unusual.
  2. What do you do for breakfast? (Not especially clear from the diet) coffee, tea, or water
  3. How much of the vegetables can you have? Still don't know for sure, but it seems like a reasonable amount is just fine and is working.
Will attain the answers soon.

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