Saturday, May 14, 2011

The World is Not Flat?

weigh in:  149.0 lbs
loss of:  0.8 pound

Yesterday, I had had enough.  I weighed in at 149.8 again and I decided enough was enough.  I am done with Round 2 and although I have not made it to 145 I think I might once I get over the fact that the world is not flat. haha! :) 

Wait, the world is not flat, but spherical?!  Preposterous!  :) 

Why am I using this analogy, well it is all this woman's fault. lol!  You are like my Aristotle, Jen. :)  I am gradually muddling through Good For You Goodies, and trying to figure it all out.  

So far I am gathering you can lose lots of weight without HCG!!!  NO WAY!  HCG can really be inconsequential, because of something called insulin resistance (you either are or not and therefore lose on the HCG diet or not- and the same goes for any diet).  A diet higher in saturated fat can take the weight off.  On this diet you can have things like butter, whipping cream, etc.  Glucose is bad for losing weight.  You have to get blood work and take readings of your glucose (but not sure what you do after a reading?)

... and, basically that is all I have gathered after skimming for about 30 minutes.  I haven't had time yet to sit down and thoroughly take it all in.  It reminds me of when I started researching HCG.  Completely confusing and foreign at first and then it all starts to come in focus.

I feel like my world has been turned upside down and what I thought was my weight loss miracle perhaps doesn't need to be so difficult (in regard to diet).  Anyway, what I would like to do is post as I go through the information and outline to the best of my ability this diet without HCG.  I think there is a shock wave starting to reverberate throughout the HCG world.  I believe we are all open minded people and therefore are open to new ways of thinking.  If it makes sense and is proven, I know I am not going to sit around preaching, "No way, the Earth is most definitely flat people!"  The advancement of the human race would come to a standstill if all people continued to believe the same thing over and over for generation after generation.  I have never been one to stand by previous world views I once thought were infallible: ie. religion, politics, birth, circumcision, vaccinations, parenting styles... etc.  And weight loss seems to be one to add to the list.
Yes, I have lost a crap load of weight on HCG, but not all have and what if you can do it in a more bearable way?  And, I could do it now- no maintenance, but continue to lose!  We all know we have cheated and for some reason lost weight regardless.  I did this just yesterday and lost 0.8.  So who knows?  

Damn, I am going to have to change my title even though I love it. :)  Got to be willing to let go and take on different ways of thought, because no one of us knows it all or is done learning.

I am so happy to be part of this community of weight loss and life health fanatics.  :)  You guys rock!  You all help me to be a better me. 

Happy learning!               


  1. oooooh new stuff! I will be following to find out what YOU find out. (yeah taking the lazy way out) I love the HCG diet because I LIKE the simplicity. you CAN have this NOT that. easy.
    However as you said, we are an open minded group. Please post your findings on other NOT FLAT WORLD STUFF!
    Have a GREAT weekend!

  2. I'm doing something similar but different starting tomorrow! I've been following the paleo way. I got a bit side tracked this week with extended family visiting. I'm back at it tomorrow and doing my experimenting with information I've pulled from the books I've been reading.

    I look forward to you posting about your journey!

  3. Caitlin, it is a lot to think about :) The thing that bothers me the most is how HCG turns proto fat cells into fully fledged fat cells! That is all we need :) I think we all know someone who lost a lot of weight on HCG but then gained it all back, only now they are bigger than where they started even though they went back to old eating patterns. And the insulin resistance really explains how that 30-40% of people just seem to be hungry, not lose, or not maintain, when everyone else seems to do fine. Crazy! I am glad you are done. You need a break. I kind of like the idea of doing this program for 2 weeks then maintain for a month, then go again. Seems much more sane :)

  4. Life is about changes...glad to see you know when to move on!

  5. Hi I'm new here just finished to today, I also read this info via jen's blog and and interested to see results on someone lol I'm afraid to try it yet as I need to get some weight off quick cuz nothing fits. I am however a great example of loosing then gaining it all back then some. I'm really struggling this time wish I knew why its so hard this time. I have a blog started to but its still a baby blog. Looking forward to your take on this new way!