Tuesday, May 17, 2011

do, go and be...

By just eating more to the un-HCG diet I stayed at around 149.8 for 2 days.  Yesterday I was up to 151.4.  This occurred because of that poisonous sugar factor. :)  I ate some cookies and ice cream.  So, yesterday I ate a higher-fat diet: lunch- celery with peanut butter, 3 eggs with cheese and butter; dinner- steak cooked in butter, some red potatoes baked in butter and seasoning, asparagus with hollandaise sauce.   YUM, YUM, YUM!!! :)  Lovin' the fat!  I know that sounds insane, but everything starts working and feeling better!

This morning I showed a 1.6 pound loss.  Now, I am not really trying the diet out yet.  I would still need to get a glucose monitor, blood tests, take measurements (awesome results, Jen, btw!)  But, just realizing that I have been feeling poorly because my body is really starving and actually needs a healthy amount of saturated fat, protein, fiber and carbs has really helped.  The past 2 mornings I have woke up with energy and ready to go for the day.  I don't feel so foggy or drowsy.  

Also, an additional comment.  After my first 3 rounds before Paine- I did feel great and felt I looked great.  However, this time around I definitely feel "skinny-fat," to steal a term from Jen. :)  I will take pictures soon.  My midsection still is pretty flabby and fatty.  And this is driving me nuts!!!  I think this is also due to the fact I had just had a baby 6 months ago, but I also feel it is due to the low fat, low carb diet.  

Anyway, I am sorry I haven't really been posting information.  It just has been so much to take in.  Change can be almost scary and even painful.  By change one inevitably has to say what came before was and will always be a part of myself, but now no longer has a pedestal in my life.  I don't know how to transition.  I will always be so happy to have been "successful" with HCG, because it continues to lead me down the path of striving to be better.  I no longer just settle or sit down.  I can feel great!  I can look amazing!  I can wear cute clothes!  I can be a disciplined person!  I can run!  I can do whatever I want to because I believe in myself!    

Do, go and be a better me right now.  That is what I want. 


  1. I've been on the un-hcg diet for almost a week, I'm losing at about the same rate as on hcg - but I feel so much better. I'm insulin resistant and I could feel my sugar levels peaking and then bottoming out - not fun. I've noticed I don't lose when I eat those silly melba toasts, which are high gi - I'm knocking those out of my menu today. :) You're doing awesome and look great!

  2. I am looking into the un-hcg diet now as well. thanks for posting the link. It is so interesting to read and makes a lot of sense. I can't go back on hcg right now for other reasons, but I was hoping to find something like this and you led me right to it. thanks!

  3. I love your spirit! It's very motivating.

    Skinny-fat that is exactly how I felt after this last P2. I've been following a grain free diet...a paleo diet. Love it! The days my weight goes up, I have a high fat day and it brings it back down.

  4. So funny! My detox diet to rid me of heavy metals is basically the un-hcg diet from what I'm gathering, other than the no gluten or dairy portion of it. I'll be very curious to follow you and Jen on the un-hcg diet and compare it to my detox diet of no gluten, dairy, sugar (other than organic fruits and veggies), caffeine, or alcohol. I'm down over a pound and a half since yesterday.


  5. Im doing it to thanks to you gals linking the info, I feel so much better after only two days! I'm still somewhat confused but working through the details. Can't wait to watch your progress.

  6. Just been reading your new revelation news - fascinating! I will be looking into it also! Sorry Ive been awol - had an exam to prepare for an 2 assignments kicking my butt. Ill get back here and do a post in the next few days! Great job with the weight loss!