Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some good news all around

weigh in: 149.4 lbs

Back in the 140's!  

Also, in other news my sister-in-law lost 8.4 pounds from her first VLCD Day!!!!!  I had never heard of such losses until a high school friend of mine started HCG and lost 9 pounds in the first VLCD Day!  So neat!  She has a great headstart and she will see One-derland oh so soon!  :) 

Hope all are well!

It is snowing here. :(  No kidding.  Summer will never come. lol!  


  1. Welcome back to the 140s! Congrats to your SIL! Wishing her lots of continued success on her weight loss journey.

    Snow? Is this a late April Fool's joke?

  2. Congrats! Caitlan. I keep telling myself I'm going to get together with you sometime soon. Now the semester is over...

    I'm very inspired by you and you have reaffirmed my goal to get back on WW and the gym. I haven't been to either since the semester got hectic around Thanksgiving. No excuses now! So take care and hope we'll get together soon!! best, K

    Btw: We have the same weight goal and although I only have 8 lbs to go, you seem to be doing better than I am!