Tuesday, August 3, 2010

To circumcise, or not to circumcise...

...that is the question. Or, in all actuality the question should be: To leave my son intact, or cut him... cut almost 1/3 or more of his perfectly functioning penis off. When you put it that way there is a whole different spin. There is NO question in my mind anymore after much research.

I never really thought about circumcision until I started questioning what would my decision be if I was asked right here and now. And, then I found out I was having a boy and my intensity of research increased. I was slightly alarmed that I would base my decision prior to knowing anything about circumcision just on the mere fact that the image of the "normal" penis was the cut one in my mind. Why? Why is this "normal"? Why do we cut males? What is foreskin? Is it really that unsanitary? Well, to my shock as I kept reading and reading I became more and more furious at the misleading and downright incorrect information we have all been fed in regard to our sons penises.

I would like to share the following articles with all those who may be interested:

A baby could die from circumcision and it is more common than you think!
Baby Dies from Circumcision in South Dakota

The foreskin serves a purpose! Imagine that?! Furthermore, circumcision really gained popularity because of its claim to minimize masturbation. Once again a religious backed fear of sexuality.
The Case Against Circumcision

Circumcision impacts women...
How Male Circumcision Impacts Your Love Life

The Sexual Effects of Circumcision

And, if you're still not convinced than take a look at these articles that actually debunk the whole religious case for circumcision.
Biblical Circumcision Information

Circumcision and Christianity

The Book of Mormon on Circumcision

These are all incredibly researched and well-cited articles. It makes me so sad and disgusted for what we as adults feel the need to do to our baby boys. We do this with no care for the rights of a tiny baby welcomed into the world and then mutilated without his obvious consent... because that is what is done, or that is the "norm," or it is easier to clean!!!

I am merely writing this post to express my rethinking on the subject and a certain outrage to the majority for which I probably would have followed not too many years ago. I think this subject along with so many others is a chance for us as humans to progress... go against currents that are proven no longer viable or necessary but actually harmful.


  1. I stand and applaud you!!!

    My son is intact. he is almost 4 years old. I stood firm with my husband (who really didn't care either way, once I showed him the research) and told him our son would NOT be cut by our hand, that if our son chooses to do it as an adult, it will be his decision and I will support him. What many people don't know if that the foreskin is attached to the head of the penis until a boy is between 5 and 12 years old--so getting him circumcised is similar to ripping off his fingernails that are attached to the tip of their fingers! We would be outraged if a dr said that was necessary, so it amazes me daily when parents casually allow their dr's to cut their son! God (or whoever you believe in) doesn't make mistakes, so who are we to change his perfect creation!?!?
    I am SO proud of you for researching this and making an informed decision. That's what's lacking with most parents--they don't research, they just DO because of tradition or because it's "the norm" well, it's not the norm anymore! Of the 11 nephews I have, 4 are cut, 7 are not....seems like good odds in our favor to me! :-)
    :-) :-) :-) Yay for you and your son! He'll thank you one day for keeping him intact! :-) :-)
    Megan in Utah

  2. My son is also intact, as is my husband. Of course they were both born in the Netherlands, so it is far more uncommon there but it was NEVER a question for me. Good for you!!

  3. Agreed! As you know since we've already chatted about it. And I think you're son will thank you for it later :)

  4. Thanks for all the comments you guys! I know this can be a kind of sticky topic and sometimes it worries me putting controversial things out there for all to read. But, sometimes it just has to be worth it whether you get positive or negative responses... being a parent is never easy and sometimes the amount of decisions and the seriousness of some decisions seem completely overwhelming!

  5. Just saw this: LEAVE THE BOY ALONE! :) GOOD FOR YOU!

    My 4 year old son never saw the chopping block and not only we do not regret it he is very healthy!!

  6. My friend sent me your blog for the HCG information but I'm so happy to see this post. I felt very akin to you and your story. I really hadn't given it much thought until I was pregnant with a boy and then did the same thing as you, researched, got angry and made the decision to keep him intact. He's almost 4 and we have never had a problem and I'm still glad I kept him intact and will keep all future sons intact.