Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mainly positives...

This pregnancy has really made a turn for the better. I can't believe I ever felt so terribly in the early weeks, but for now I am really feeling quite good! Here are the positives:
  • Thank you, sweet summer of Laramie for being so mild! The temperatures have stayed in the upper 60's to lower 70's... and only a couple days that the mercury reached into the 80's! I have not swelled or been too uncomfortable at all because of the heat! Very nice!
  • The following three products I have been taking religiously for the past couple months (the prenatal I have been taking all along). No one ever told me about the importance of DHA and omegas and they are so wonderful! It has improved my hair, nails and skin... but the greatest benefit is how it has helped my mood and spirits. I just needed some good natural oils... wow! :) And the pro-biotic have stabilized all the digestive bacteria, etc...

Just further mention of my the condition of my hair. If you remember from previous posts I lost a lot of hair during my last round of HCG late last year and it just became dry and lackluster. Now my hair is growing back and in good condition! Yay! The following is not such a great picture, but it is my natural color and it is getting long! Thanks once again to the omegas!

Here is a the promised belly shot. I feel so much larger than this picture! :) This is the one negative I am experiencing at the time being (along with having bouts of tiredness): feeling huge with a cumbersome load! This makes for uncomfortable nights. I pee all the time and can't seem to fit enough pillows around my body. Night time is not especially restful. But, this is to be expected and nothing I haven't been through before. :)

I met with my midwife again yesterday, and this second meeting made me really feel like I am making the right choices so far. I LOVE her! She is so attentive, compassionate and conscientious. I can talk about ANYTHING with her. I feel so comfortable... like she has extreme care for my whole pregnancy picture. I almost feel sad that this will be our last baby... okay not really. :) I am done, but I just feel so fortunate to feel like this pregnancy is going in a completely different direction for me, my family and expectant baby.

So overall, mainly positives as I enter this third trimester. :) I will update further as news presents itself....

Hope all is well with you all! Until next time!


  1. You sound so positive and upbeat. You look absolutely radiant! Thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. You look absolutely adorable!!!! And what a great figure you have while you're carrying your little one!

    I'm thrilled that your new midwife is fulfilling all your expectations (and then some).

    I'm so excited for you! He's going to be here before you know it!!

    hugs to you!

  3. Hooray! You look great! Love that this is such a woderful pregnancy for you and that you have a good midwife. Mine made all the difference in the delivery of my daughter. Keep us posted!

  4. You look wonderful, Caitlin! Just beautiful. You sound so good. I am thrilled to bits for you! Keep us posted!