Tuesday, August 24, 2010

28 weeks

Above is a picture of me (28 weeks pregnant :) I need to turn to the side or something, because it looks like I don't have a waist and have puffed up rather than pregnant... haha!) with some examples of my artwork at this past weekend's Evening at the Ivinsons'. We have been attending the event along with my husband's parents for the past four years. It is a wonderful fundraiser evening dedicated to keeping our local, beautiful Ivinson Mansion running and upgraded. I donated my artwork the past two years, and was very pleased with the outcome this year: 2 drawings for $400 each! The two bidders both want a drawing of their place of business. I am excited to try something a little different other than my usual residence drawings.

Can't believe I am already 28 weeks along! Everything is going along smoothly so far. I am almost done getting the bedrooms organized and everything situated for the new addition. Just some final touches and it will all be ready! I am very happy about that. :) I will share pictures once completed...

Today I meet with my doula!!! The meeting with my midwife went very well and it is just a breath of fresh air meeting with highly trained women who take a whole hour or more just for you to discuss and prepare for a significant event. I am not just a blood pressure number and a number on a scale anymore and I love it! :)

Hope you all are doing well and happy HCGing! :)


  1. You look wonderful!! And what a great event for your art - you are a very talented artist from the little I could see in the background. Be sure to post pics of the room - its such a nice feeling when that is all ready for your little guy. Hope you are feeling as great as you look!

  2. Aren't you the CUTEST Mama-to-be??? You really are! You can't even see that baby bump-- turn sideways so we can see him!

    So glad your meeting went well with the midwife, and I've got fingers crossed that your meeting with the doula goes as well!