Monday, April 30, 2012

Pursuit of health

I am doing alright lately.  Got down to 162, and then realized I am still focused on the wrong point. I am in this transition period:  How do I go about becoming the athletic, healthy person I desire to be?  Do I want it bad enough?  I am not eating quite like I should and definitely not thinking about changing on a much larger scale to achieve what I think it is I want.

I am not eating enough of the right food.
I am worrying about the scale!  When am I going to get a clue?
I have been obsessed with diet, and not really sure how to transition to a lifestyle where I am working my ass off (or rather making rounder :)) and eating the correct foods and amounts to achieve this.
Need to get some books and make a plan.

I am going to be posting menus in a newly formed tab soon- to illustrate what and how much I am eating.  But for now I am just trying to wrap my brain around the idea of really going for it.  I know all of my excuses are not legit, but I am dreaming currently and flooding my mind with images such as the deluge of following images and inspiration.  Enjoy!

Got to make a change.  Got to figure out just how I am going to do it.  And then I have to start.  From Pursuit of skinniness to the Pursuit of health and fitness.

Thinking about pursuing the athlete within...


  1. Wow Caitlin! This is a very powerful, and motivating post- It's very much what I needed to read today.

    I can't wait to read your new menu tabs!

  2. I love "If you can drive yourself crazy, you can drive yourself happy" quote. It's so me! The motivation is great for a can-do attitude and positive self-esteem. My self-esteem fluctuates from day to day (hour to hour. I can easily drive myself crazy with the mood swings caused by it.

  3. Best wishes on your journey!

  4. When I initially lost my 60 pounds, it was about discovering a workout that I LOVED! It took a few tries to find it, but when I did, the diet fell into place. I didn't want to waste the two hours at the gym with ice cream! No books, no money, no careful food planning....just tried to eat healthy, counted the calories and never missed a day of my FAVORITE workouts....not because I felt I shouldn't....but because I LOVED the exercise! Good luck :)

  5. Just found your blog! :) I am currently on the HCG diet. This is my first round, I'm on phase two day 26. I'm down 28.8 lbs! I am so excited to go into phase three and start exercising! I have a lot of weight to lose but I am determined NOT to gain the weight back. So glad I found your blog. I am documenting my journey as well. I'd love for you to check it out! Can't wait to hear more from you!