Monday, July 4, 2011

Hello, I am still here!

...and Happy 4th of July!

I have been gone long and have various reasons.  Ultimately, sometimes blogging can just get to the point when you really need a break.  I also just needed a break from stressing about the weight and the diet.  However, I have not ceased stressing... of course. :)  My high school reunion is coming up on the 16th and I would love to drop another 10, but well if you are a true follower then you know my struggle between HCG and the Sugar Free Protocol.  I am not sure what to do and to tell you quite frankly I am just getting to the point of realizing things will come into perspective when the time comes.

So anyway, just want to drop a note to let you all know I am still here and thanks for the concern Karyn!  Hope you all are well and hope to be back with other updates...

I will leave you with a good ole' mirror picture I took this afternoon. :)  Since I never got around to taking a picture once I reached the 140's.  I am  at 150.6 and am happy about it because I was residing firmly at 155 for a long time these past few weeks.  

Got to love ourselves or love the journey of learning to love ourselves... if that makes sense. :)



  1. Hope you enjoyed your fourth! You are looking good!!!

  2. You look great girl! Glad you posted!

  3. You look mahvelous!!! So glad that you are doing well!

  4. If you decide to go sugar free make sure that you also stay away from un-natural artificial sugars. Stevia, Agave and honey are fine, but Aspartame is the same as rat poison! No. Seriously. Read up on it! I have a link to a podcast if you are interested.

  5. Hi- yeah I am already aware of the unhealthiness of artificial sugars and for that matter other products too (ie. fake fats). I have written about this many times and on HCG only stevia is allowed. The sugar free protocol is clear on this too...

    And, thank you all for the really nice comments. I feel like I still have so far to go, but I will get there! :)

  6. You look great Cailin! Congrats on the weightloss! I, too, took a big break from blogging.