Friday, July 22, 2011

I am beautiful.

Going to my high school reunion was both good and bad.  The people who I thought were so much better, more deserving, more beautiful, more smart and basically more everything came into focus.  It was all an illusion.  High school, that is.  The people who were in my crowd are amazing and beautiful... and my friends, I am included in that group! :)  I have so much to be proud of and love about my life.  High school made me a better and stronger person- I just didn't know it at the time.  It was kind of hard to go back and drudge up some of those old insecurities and fears, but then if I didn't I would continue to ignore them and not get over them.  

I am beautiful.
I am smart.
I am athletic.
I am kind.
I have absolutely beautiful children.
I have an incredible and handsome husband, who stands out and challenges me.

I love me.
I love my life.

I feel like I can now appreciate High School for what it was- a part of my life and just a very, very small part. :)  I knew some incredible people who are still in my life today and the ones who were not a positive force- well, they were also part of what makes me- me today.  I learned much from that awkward and frustrating struggle to maneuver through that time of life.

I am beautiful.  I say these words and still they come out difficultly.  I believe them and then I don't.  Some days I do, and some I don't.  Such a simple thing, but I think many of us who are on this weight loss journey have image issues that stem from what other people said or did to us.  How do we let these people do this to our beautiful selves?  Very easily, it all can tear you down and spit you out and all I hoped for was someday I would be okay.  Well, I am more than okay. :) 

To all of you out there who don't yet fully believe it- YOU are BEAUTIFUL!  Absolutely beautiful!      


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