Saturday, February 2, 2013

To great lengths...

Time flies by so quickly, sometimes I find myself wondering how could I be so busy and yet not get anything done. :)  All is going along pretty well.  I haven't started purposely losing weight yet.  I have lost 4 pounds without trying since I last posted.  Nothing fancy or incredible, but I will take it!  At least it is not in the usual upward motion.  I am quite heavy for what I got used to there for awhile and starting to feel pressure to kick it into high gear.  I don't want to go through another summer like last... feeling terribly uncomfortable and longing to fit into that cute sundress hanging in my closet torturing my soul. :)  I am just going to try and calm down and enjoy feeling a bit better.  I am able to control depression feelings as of late and for me that is just awesome!  I had a setback a couple weeks ago and still having huge energy problems.  I think I really need to get in and have my thyroid and adrenals tested.  I also, may just try the other tips specifically for thyroid in The Diet Cure too.  I just haven't found the motivation.

I took a picture of myself tonight, and I don't know how to feel about these pictures I take of myself sometimes.  I feel like it is just horrible vanity and so ridiculous, and then another part of me absolutely loves to feel good about an image other than a reflection in a mirror that is not so forgiving.  I can crop and edit color to make my image look so much better. :)  So for now I am enjoying this look and check out my hair!!!  This was actually the main purpose of this photo.  I believe this is the longest my hair has ever been in my whole life!  It is pretty healthy too!  At times I just want to chop it all off, but this picture reminds me that I don't really want to... not just yet. :)  

Here's to finding something about yourself that makes you smile.  Today, for me it is my hair... 
Goodnight to you all!

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