Thursday, January 17, 2013

Diet Peace

Supplements, supplements... supplements galore!  When I started reading The Diet Cure, I was a bit concerned about the list of supplements I was forming.  Then I was a became a little more concerned at the checkout counter. :) (So far I have spent $100 on supplements and $10 on the book.  Please note:  the amino acids are not to be taken forever, once one starts eating properly and deficiencies have been repaired their consumption can be ceased (unless stress occurs and a little extra boost is needed).  The basic supplements: good multi, extra Vit C, Magnesium, Calcium, Fish Oil, B Vitamins will be maintained for life, theoretically.)

The process of taking all of the supplements started out difficult.  I now take them without any issues.  I became really sick with a headache and stomachache on the second day.  I had to even cancel my daughter's basketball practice (I am coaching, 2nd and 3rd graders- it is awesome and out of my comfort zone being heavier and such).  Anyway, I determined that I must have taken the supplements incorrectly and decided to write down just what, when and how much I should take.  (Should have done this in the first place. :))

Things started improving except for my energy.  I should have had boundless energy on all of these supplements and changing dietary habits.  I got my Implanon out of my arm two days ago and feel AMAZING!  It is as if a dark cloud has been lifted.  The supplements seem to currently be working.  My body seems to be thanking me for the flood of nutrition and expulsion of continuous hormone holding it back.  I actually want to eat chicken, spinach, broccoli, pork chops with no stealing bites of sugary foods.  I tried to eat an Oatmeal Cream Pie a couple days ago.  I took a bite, and said to myself, "I remember these tasting so good last week."  Took another bite, spit it out and threw the rest away.  I NEVER do this!  Once I start eating something sugary, in the past I usually finish it and perhaps even take another one!  I feel like I can do this now!

I actually have a plan hearkening back to some of my more darker dieting days.  I am going to try out a more rigorous weight loss plan for three weeks using these supplements to help me through.  My sugar/carb cravings are under control now and almost effortlessly, too!  So I think this might work out.  I, then plan on transitioning to a "naturally led" diet looking to The Diet Cure diet outlines, Paleo basics and whatever else may develop from my journey as guides and inspiration.  I don't want to force myself anymore, and beat myself up when I can't sustain the decrees I make to my body.   

So far so good!  The vast world of dieting/health can be daunting and we each have to find our place.  Sometimes that "place" changes many times.  It has for me.  I am just hoping to find a place of peace in this area of my life (ie. no more dieting, wishing I was slimmer and rather focus on overall health).  I however, have full knowledge the work will never be "done" and new obstacles will arise, but achieving a sense of stability and control is my goal!  Can it be obtained?  Is this "it" for me, I sure hope so!  My husband can't take too many more of these "plans." :):) 

Take care, my friends!

And thanks for the continued support!  Here is a reply to your comments in the post below, so you don't have to go back and check:

Thanks LD! Always a delight to see you here and other places too!:)  And CM- I almost gave up, but I am persisting and so far it really seems to be gelling for me?  Time will tell!  Thanks Valerie for commenting!  I know, I used to think HCG was the cure-all, but eventually I found myself having many more problems than just a weight problem.  I will have to check out the website you cited.  Sounds great!  I am completely sold on the whole concept that low calorie diets or counting cals/working-out-til-you-drop is not the way to go (for me at least).  I was trying to go Paleo, but just could not curb my cravings.  I was driving myself crazy trying so desperately, but I think I just depleted myself so far that I couldn't break the cycle with will power alone.  Now I feel as though I might stand a fighting chance. :)

Thanks everyone!  


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  1. Yay!! So glad it is working for you!! Glad you are posting and letting us know how you are coming along with it. I am going to look into the book. I completely understand about the need to get to a place of peace with body, food, thoughts... funny to be on the same trajectory again with you! Good luck with the basketball - how fun!!