Monday, January 14, 2013

The Diet Cure, crossing fingers!

Hello, hello!

I think it so interesting that we all kind of share a rhythm.  I haven't checked my blog in months, and today I decided to get on and to my surprise some of my old friends have been writing again within the past couple days!  Great to see you ladies!

Anyway, lots of changes are starting to occur for me, and I am quite excited and hopeful!

It has been a hard struggle for me now coming up on 2 years.  I haven't been able to find a solution to not only my fat problem, but my ever-increasing mood and energy problem.  I have gone back to HCG in desperation and failed miserably.  I just can't even get past a week on Protocol anymore.  I cannot even limit certain foods anymore.  I have been in need of help for quite some time and I am determined to find it...  I have been reading books, following blogs and contacting people who follow a seemingly effortless lifestyle of preparing their own foods, fermenting foods, making their own beauty products, raising their own chickens, etc...  I have wanted to make a change for so long now, but haven't found the right stepping stone to get me there.  Perhaps just now I have?

Recently, I ran across a post made on Facebook about an amino acid that could curb your sugar cravings within hours.  I have been killing myself for my lack of "self-discipline," and my seemingly insatiable desire to eat junk and then starve myself out of punishment and disappointment in myself.  I was introduced to a book called, The Diet Cure, by Julia Ross, M.A.

I ordered it for $10 on Amazon.  I am still perusing its pages and formulating my specific plan.  However, I have bought the main amino acids suggested in the book.  L-glutamine (for sugar carvings), L-tryosine (for low-energy), GABA (natural Valium- helps one to relax! Love this supplement so far!), 5-HTP (increases serotonin  helps with depression and even our obsession with dieting!), DLPA (natural painkiller- emotional and physical pain- helps you cope more effectively).  I been taking these along with the basic supplement requirements listed (I will go into more detail later.)  So far, I am so impressed and happy with the results.  If I am having a hankering for some sugar I take L-glutamine and immediately get on with preparing a nutritious meal stocked with high quality vegetables, protein and quality fats.  Before my sugar and carb cravings seemed unable to be controlled by my will and knowledge alone.  I would typically give in and eat something fast, processed and totally void of nutrition to raise my blood sugar levels.  I have also given L-glutamine to my little 2 year old (just crack open a pill and put it in their mouth- tastes good) and to my surprise he didn't whine and beg for the plethora of fruit in our fridge and juice.  He asked for eggs and gobbled down three!!!  This never happens with him, he will maybe eat a couple bites if I force him.  So in his little body that unfortunately, I have made addicted to sugar the results were immediate!

I however, don't want to just paint this as a complete pretty picture with no difficulties.  So far, I am still having extreme energy problems in the evenings and it is relatively complicated to try and figure just what combination you need and just what is unbalanced in your body.  I am trying to sort it out as I go, but first item to address since I am not having great success with some of the amino acids is get my Implanon birth control out of my arm.  I think it may be interfering with my efforts as of late.  Next is to address thyroid and adrenals that have been exhausted and put under extreme stress by my overdieting.

I am so tired of "dieting."  It is just killing me and my self-esteem.  But that is what we do in this country, because we don't know what else to do.  I know I have, and I just have to believe there is a better way.  I am on a mission to turn this treacherous cycle around for me.  Hopefully, I can get myself pretty balanced within the next 3 months and the weight will follow along as I naturally want and desire to eat differently.  I will try to go in further depth at a later date, and just can't wait to see if this will really work long term for me!


  1. Hi Caitlin! I smiled when I discovered your blog post this evening! Seeing you back here, posting, was a bright spot today!!

    I am struggling to get back to where I even care what I weight anymore, and am toying with doing another round myself -- rogue round.

    I'll be looking forward to reading about your journey here-- Hugs to you! XX

  2. Wow, it does seem like everybody is coming out of hiding to post!

    I read the Diet Cure last year. I bought all the vitamins/supplements with hopes the urge to binge would fade. I didn't find it helped. The daily schedule of taking all the vits/sups did upset my stomach. I felt better when I quit them. *GRIN*

    I wish you lots of success! It's so good to "hear" from everybody!

  3. Hi, Caitlin,

    I used to blog at seattlerunnergirl, just to remind you of who I am. I did two successful rounds of HCG, lost nearly 100 pounds, and have gained it all back after having my first child.

    I am doing the Whole30 "reset" plan from and I'm 16 days in. I can't say my cravings are gone, but they get easier to resist every day. I have tons of energy and sleep really well.

    I don't know if Paleo is for everyone, but I thought I'd mention it as an option for you to look into.


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