Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week One Down!

I would have been updating all along this past week, but there has been computer problems going on around here.

So what is the week's result:  Down 7.8 pounds!

I say that is pretty darn good.  I am feeling so good and so very proud of myself.  I haven't been able to stick to anything for quite a long while and I feel like I can sustain this diet to the end.  I didn't experience any of the headaches or feeling poor either of detoxing.  It must have been the really good quality fats I loaded with instead of too much sugar.

The yoga is going wonderfully, and I am so very thankful to my oldest daughter for performing each session with me each night.  She has kept me with it and we have had such a great time together.  I love it so much, I wonder why I ever stopped! :)

I am on my way, and with a little persistence I will be back to my old self in no time.  I am just taking it one day at a time and relaxing into the process.  Enjoying it even!

3 more weeks to go!  And, then on to settling into a doable and sustainable maintenance.

Hope everyone is having a happy fall!  Love fall!


  1. Caitlin you are very inspiring! I'm so happy for you, that this round is going so well!!

  2. It sounds like you had a great first week back on HCG. I hope you continue to have a great round!

    AKA Crumpled Moments...Autumnrose...Mom...Hey You

  3. Awesome job! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the protocol. I just wish I would stick to what I KNOW and not go off and eat things I shouldn't.
    I am lactose intolerant...and does that keep me from having an ice cream once in a I KNOW it will give me a tummy ache...but sometimes I just WANT it.
    I know that eating too much pasta and rice will make me I do it anyway. YES.
    *sigh* So I am back up 15 lbs...(not the 48 I lost though) so that's a plus. I am right there with you, doing a round and feeling great.

    GO YOU!!!!