Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pity party commencing...

Where is the fire in my belly?  Where is my desire to excel?  Where is my determination? 

Who the hell knows??!!!

Everything in my life seems out of control and the one thing I can have control of (ie. my diet) I am letting slip through my grasp too.  I just want to cry and don't know what to do?  I keep posting little tidbits here and there to try and hide the pain of disappointment in myself and things going on in my life, but the truth is right here:  this completely sucks and I am the only one who can pull myself out of it.     

Okay, I better just call it good.  Thanks for listening to my little pity party...


  1. Ha! I am 'back' too Caitlin. Seems we are on the same curve. We do it, we gain a little, give up and in the end, come back again!

    Dont be down on yourself, life is too short to feel disappointed in our perceived failures. Like you wrote in a previous post, you have a great husband, healthy kid and you are a good person. You are not morbidly obese, you have a few pounds you would like to lose. This does not define you - lose them or not, you are still the same person!.

    So here we are on the horse again together, lets see where this journey takes us. I have just done loading day 1, but I only have HHCG this time, so I am hoping it works as well!?!

    Look forward to being in touch again!

  2. Think back to the time when you committed to the diet... what did you want to feel as a result of losing the weight?

    Find that feeling - and feel it - and your fire will reignite :)

    PS: Great progress! CONGRATS!!!