Monday, September 19, 2011

Gone tutu long :)


Boy, oh boy!  Where do I start? I have been gone for tutu long!  No I don't have a spelling problem just trying to make a play on words. :)  I got this awesome tutu in the mail not long ago and seriously people nothing like a tutu to make you feel like a ballerina.  This tutu is actually for my Queen of Hearts outfit for Halloween, but I just might wear it a lot- if I get up my confidence. :)  LOVE it!  Oh and the shoes are new too!  To die for!  Can't remember when I started loving things like shoes, but I do. 

Anyway, the last round I was on ended in disaster and complete failure for untold reasons.  Just not the greatest time to start a round and well I started again not long ago.  I am doing better, but still not up to my own caliber of dedication and determination.  I am going to make though.  I will try to update weekly.  But just wanted to check in and hope all are doing well!!!

Miss you all and remember "talk to yourself right!"  We can do this!  


  1. Love the tutu! Glad to here you are doing ok!

  2. i love the TUTU and you look awesome!!!! Just saying

  3. You look girly and gorgeous in the tutu! It's nice hear from you, too.

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  5. The dress and shoes are fab! You look fab! How have you been? I'm checking in, Ive been maintaining within a few pounds by watching my food like a hawk and exercising a lot - not fun but productive! Hope you are well, and Ill keep checking in with you! Karyn x