Thursday, September 27, 2012

Actually a plan starting to form!

As of yesterday I have been in the process of formulating a plan.  I am actually feeling like I can and want to start taking care of myself.  

I am planning on giving The Primal Blueprint 30 day Challenge a go.  I need to obtain resources to do this, such as supplements and a few books.  I just am not that clear on how to go about the Challenge as of now. I need to read up and get prepared.  But, I believe this is what I am going to choose as my challenge to get me out of this rut and hopefully on a path that will turn into something lifelong.

I am a bit overwhelmed.  So...  

...I am pulling out my old yoga book.  I need something familiar to go along.  I know it seems rather corny, but I absolutely love this book!  I made a determination to follow this book for the full 28 days a few times in my past and each time it has made small and yet profound impacts on my life.  I thought I might as well incorporate this simple book into the plan too.

In addition, I am going to make a commitment to start blogging again.  This blog is an actual visible, tangible expression of my progress (or lack there of, sometimes :)).  Remaining accountable to this little journal and all of you out there who follow causes me more directly to answer to myself.  I am going to try to write more for me than the audience too.  I don't mean this as rude at all!  Sometimes blogging can be wonderful, if it comes from a raw and untamed place.  And on the other hand blogging for me, can be actually detrimental, if it comes from a self-conscious and "outside of myself" place.  Now that doesn't mean I am going to reveal all, :) but it does mean I am going to consciously decide if my writing is aimed at actually improving my life and health.  If you all find it interesting all the better! :)  I am going to really make a strong effort and draw on that determined spirit I have had in the past, for which I am most certain I can summon again.

More to follow, as things become more clear.

P.S. Thanks my loyal, awesome friends for your comments and presence!  


  1. a new beginning starting to gel- it's a good thing. You will find your way and find yourself again.

    I admire your resolve to focus on yourself, even with all that you juggle every single day!

  2. You are moving in a right direction for you -awesome!