Saturday, February 27, 2010

I am still here :)

Hello, to you all! I can't believe it has been so long since I last blogged. My apologies again. I have just not had a lot to say, because I have done so poorly maintaining as of late. I have no idea what I weigh right now- haven't weighed in 3 days and the last time I weighed I was 9 pounds over my lowest weight. :( :( However, I have been reading some blogs and lavenderdiva and helderheid you both have given me some inspiration and hope. So, I hope to get it back under control before I start another round coming up here pretty soon.

I guess I was not in such a great place when I quit HCG and I held it together for awhile and then just got really lackadaisical and lost focus. It really is terrible to gain weight back. Don't do it, if you can help it. I feel so fat it is just ridiculous. One thing I have learned is I am more aware of my body and can feel an increase of weight even before I weigh (not that I have done anything about it). I find this comforting, because before HCG I really did not have a handle on weight fluctuations and really had no sense of gain or loss in my own body. I guess it is the awareness and therefore the potential for control that comforts me. I really need to get it together and get on with achieving my goal. I can't lose sight of my goal or waiver in my resolve and confidence in my ability to reach my goal weight.

I have still been pole dancing (completely fun!) and I know when I do this upcoming round my new muscles are really going to show through nicely. Can't wait! :) It takes some strength and I am proud of my progress. I need to lose and maintain my weight for my confidence in this area, too. I have also been doing light activity here and there, but just not eating cleanly or correcting gains at all. :( I will try to update more frequently and fill you guys in as to my hopeful success getting back down to my lowest weight.

The puppy is doing great- we now just have Kinta, because the parents-in-law took Abby home with them a couple weeks ago. It is nice just having one now. :) She is a good little puppy- still working on the potty training though. It will come. :) We still have tons of snow and it feels as if spring will never come, which reminds me... this is the first spring and summer I am looking forward to in the realm of clothing. Usually, I get so anxious about the weather turning warmer, because that means no more sweaters, vests and bulky clothing to cover my body in the hopes of feeling better about myself. I am so excited and all the more reason to get a little more serious. :)

Okay, I got to run- but I am glad to drop in real quick and way to keep up the great work to you all! Until next time...


  1. Hi, Caitlin! I've missed you! I was so glad to check in this evening, and see your post!! Do not give up! You are STILL so close to your goal- Just pick yourself up, and get going. You know what to do, how to eat. I had a wake-up call this week too. I could have easily continued eating the way I was (I was already up over 9lbs over my LDW), and could have added MORE yummy foods to my repertoire, and gained even more weight. Its so easy to get to the point where you lose hope and don't care.

    BUT, I think I know you better than that. You do care-- a lot. And you are so close to realizing your dream. Don't let go now!

    When are you going to do your next round? I'm starting to load for my next round on March 26th. If you're doing a round around that time, we could be hcg buddies!!

    hugs to you, my friend!

  2. It's good to see you back. I've missed your posts.

    Spring will be here! I hope when you see the signs of spring you are motivated to continue with your HCG journey. I know the sunshine and warming weather does a lot to motivate me.

    Keep us updated!

  3. Glad you're back. And dont worry, you'll be on track again know you're worth it!

    And this is a journey, as we all know, and this hiccup is meant to teach you something for the future, Im sure of it...

  4. It's SO GREAT to hear from you! Don't you worry. You are sooo close. Keep blogging! I love the new background, by the way! :)

    *** HUG ***

  5. Caitlin,

    It is nice to see you back on posting again! Good to know that you are enjoying pole dancing! It is one of the best ways to keep you fit and healthy!

    Let hcg dieters from our site know if you have plan for another round of hcg weight loss. I will direct them to your blog to learn your experience.



  6. Hey, Caitlin--- I miss you! How are you doing? Please check in and let us know-

    hugs to you.