Friday, January 8, 2010

Pictures from the past

I thought I would take a moment to dig up some pictures from the past. Some of them have never been seen by eyes other than my own until today, and others have been tagged photos of me on Facebook- to my horror. :) No, now they are kind of badges of honor or a source of inspiration.

Without further ado...

Me and my husband on our anniversary, last year on June 10th. About a month and a half before I started my first round. Never posted this picture.

July of last year. Yikes!

Last winter. Notice the braces. Oh, the joys of having braces as an adult. :)

At my friend's wedding in the summer of 2007. This photo is so embarrassing. I mean what was I thinking?! Cramming myself in a dress and jacket that didn't even come anywhere near fitting, seriously! But, my baby is just a little doll. :)

A couple weeks into Round 1 last summer.

Halloween 2006. This photo doesn't really reveal my weight, but check out my crooked teeth?! :( This was before braces and reconstruction work. I hated my smile. Oh, how I am so happy to have a nice smile now! Having my teeth finally fixed after many, many years has also been a huge factor in my confidence and overall transformation.

I can't believe I am sharing all these pictures, but it feels nice to not be all that bothered by the exposure. I guess that is the beauty of being 35-40 pounds away from the girl in the above photos.

I am really enjoying maintenance thus far with no anxiety or impatience about another round in the near future. It is nice to relax and not be so consumed with weight loss.

What I have learned through this process:
  1. HCG is not for everyone. It happens to be for me (although I need a break right now), but make no mistake about it: there is not magical pill, injection or drops. :)
  2. Dieting takes extreme focus and determination. If you don't have it, you might as well bag it until you do.
  3. My advice for people thinking about taking HCG: Go as long as you can during Round 1 without going too many days- find a balance. If I could go back I would have gone 40-45 days.
  4. Take longer breaks between rounds if you find you don't have the stamina. This does not mean you are a failure.
  5. HCG is freaking awesome! Even though I hate it right now. :) Eventually, I will write a post on all the benefits of HCG I have observed.
And, the number one thing I have learned:
  1. People care. People are willing to be there for you when you need support while losing weight. You all have been here for me, and the comments I received in the below post and all during this process are just phenomenal and truly helpful! Thank you, thank you!!! I would not have gained and grown as much from this experience if it were not for an outlet to learn, vent, whine, share, rejoice and describe my experience to people who really care.


  1. Wonderful picture story!! Congrats on your success so far, I know you will have continued success. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Enjoy your break!

  2. I. Love. This. Post. What a wonderful thing to share! I so relate with the pictures, having avoided the camera for so long only to find in horror that my husband had taken a shot without my being aware. Now I am so happy he did so I can see for myself just how far I've come.

    You are spot on about HCG - all of it.

    *HUGS* and thank YOU for all the support and love as well!

  3. You're a beautiful girl, inside and out, and I love your blog. ~~Christy

  4. What great pictures! I love them all ... your spirit shines thru in each one!

  5. Thank you for sharing these. To know that you are not alone when it comes to feeling that way when you look back and see what you used to be and how far you have come is so nice - not to mention very motivating, isnt it!

    Hope the planning for your ceremony is coming along!

  6. Great post and pictures. You've got a great smile!

  7. Oops! Don't know how I missed your post! Your pictures are wonderful! And you have such a beautiful family-

    Caitlin, you are really blossoming, in each and every way. You are such a beautiful woman, inside and out!

    Hugs to you, my friend-

  8. You look AMAZING!!! Congrats!! ANd...(I need a break right now!!!)

  9. You should be in one of those ads that say "Youve come a long way baby". You look great. And even better I think you feel great, emotionally and physically.

  10. Thanks to you all! You all are far too kind and yeah these pictures still frighten me every now and then, but hey they are what they are- part of my photo history. :) And besides it isn't as much fun to post pics that don't show a great difference not only in size, but also in confidence and radiance.

  11. Caitlin: Wonderful photo essay. I love seeing all the photos and the last one is stunning. You sound like you're in a really good place! And of course the girls are sooo adorable!!!

  12. Thank you for the picture journey. I will have to do one of those once I get done with this round and have a great after photo to post. I really enjoy your blog. Enjoy maintenance!