Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Visit!

It has been a long, long while. My thoughts remain with you all though and I apologize for my long absence.

I am still pregnant. :) This afternoon I have a few moments to catch up on the happenings of preparation around here. On the 18th of this month I had my home visit. And, let me just tell you all- it was WONDERFUL! I couldn't have been happier to get everyone who will be involved in the same room and appreciate how we all worked together. My midwife, her assistant, my doula, my husband and myself were all present. Oh, and my youngest daughter who fell in love with my doula and hung out with her most of the time (my oldest daughter was at school). We enjoyed hot apple cider and tea while we discussed the big day or night. :) I had a calm wash over me, because everything is ready... we know the protocol and I love these women! I am so excited to be in an environment that is all our own, warm and beautiful to welcome our third baby. Here are a couple shots of our bedroom all ready to go...

The Tupperware bins are full of all the necessary items my midwife listed for birthing a baby.

I displayed some of the birth art I have done periodically from prompts out of the book Birthing From Within that I think will help me visualize and remember my affirmations.
Although, I am ready to have this baby and the strain on my back and legs is starting to get to me I do hope he holds out until after Halloween. I would like to be able to enjoy the holiday with my girls. My oldest is going to be "Little Red Riding Hood" and my youngest is going to dress up as "Shirley Temple." She has all these blond, beautiful curls. :)


  1. It's SO good to hear from you! You sound so serene. I couldn't be more thrilled for you! You're going to have a wonderful experience, I just know it. I love all the support you have! **HUG**

  2. I"m so glad you posted!!! I've been wondering how the pregnancy was going. How does your husband feel about the home birth and leaving your son intact? You may have mentioned it before, but I can't remember. Helderheid is right, you do sound serene. so calm and happy. At peace. It will be an amazing experience and one that you will never forget. You CAN do it!!!! My daughter's birthday is Nov 5, so I'm rooting for your little boy to arrive then. :-)
    Good luck!!! Can't wait to hear the wonderful news! :-)
    Meg in Utah